Nice! There you are. And thats me. Janine, mom to a little boy named Benno and founder of Dear Benno.
So how did it all start? Creativity plays a big role in my life. Sewing, knitting, painting and making music are an integral part. When I was pregnant with Benno, I also started sewing for children. At some point, not only for Benno, but also for many other children. That's how everything went. So to speak, this label is a love letter to my son. Benno shows me every day how nice it is to be a child and to let your imagination run wild. This makes it all the more fulfilling to design products for children. Every garment is sewn by me. Stationery painted by myself. All ceramics were designed by myself and are made in Germany! From sewing and painting I got into fabric design. Fabric dealers or private individuals have their own fabrics printed from Dear Benno Designs or create iron-on transfers and labels from the PNG files. At this point I would like to thank everyone who has chosen Dear Benno products. A dream has come true for me.