About me

Nice! There you are. And thats me. Janine, mother of a little boy named Benno and the creative head of Dear Benno. So how did it all start? Dear Benno is a love letter to my son. Without any kind of creativity in my life, I would probably wither like a flower without water. I paint, make music, knit and sew. And when I was pregnant with Benno, I also started sewing for children. At some point, not only for my own child, but also for many others. So everything took its course. Benno shows me every day how nice it is to be a child and let your imagination run wild. And children still have so much of it. This makes it all the more fulfilling to design products for children. From sewing I got into fabric design and I love it! It fills me up and I don't want to do anything else. At this point I would like to thank everyone who has chosen Dear Benno products. Thanks to all my regular customers and the great support. Thank you for all of you. A dream has come true for me. Feel pressed and kissed!